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The following list contains the names of firms and false government authorities
about which FI or supervisory authorities in other countries would like to warn
the general public. The reason why a warning is published vary, mostly because
the firm does not has authorisation or is registered where the warning is issued.
Read the warnings by clicking on the links. Not all investments require authorisation
or approval from an authority.

This list is not a "final list" – new firms are added on a regular basis. FI recommends
that investors always check FI's Company register to ensure that a firm is authorised
to offer financial services and subject to supervision. For further information, please
contact the Consumer Affairs Division, +46 8 787 80 00.

More on FI:s alerts.

Warning List

Latest alerts

Company Source Date
Ephraim Global Finansinspektionen 2016-06-21
Pan-Asia Trading Partners Finansinspektionen 2016-06-21
Osaka Corp. Global Asset Management Finansinspektionen 2016-06-21
Shelden Associates Finansinspektionen 2016-06-21
Shinshiro International Finansinspektionen 2016-06-21
Mizuho Corporate Global Finansinspektionen 2016-06-21
Schulz & Partner (klon) Financial Conduct Authority, United Kingdom 2016-05-27
Sunrise Brokers Group Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong 2016-05-26
Lloyd & Mitchell Partners Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong 2016-05-26
AMF Services FINMA, Switzerland 2016-05-26
Number of alerts (since 1997): 6 610 Up

A list of all investor alerts

Investor alerts - IOSCO:s international list

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority
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