A new log-in process was introduced for authorisations and PDMR transaction reporting last year. New functions are added including the possibility to delegate authorisation to third parties. We have gathered here links to the log-in page and information about FI's new Reporting Portal.

Read more about how to report:

  • Banking - payment services, e-money, etc.
  • Insurance  - pension funds, traffic-light, insurance mediation, etc.
  • Markets - short-selling, major shareholding notifications, funds, MAR, TRS, etc.

Update regarding reporting of insider trading as of 5 October :
It will now be possible to delegate authorisation to other persons. Read more about FI's Reporting Portal.

About the Reporting Portal

Information and links to the log-in page

Reporting PDMR transactions

Reporting PDMR in the Reporting portal

Periodic reporting

New in December 2017


Daily TRS reporting

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