FFFS 2015:19

Regulations amending Finansinspektionen’s regulations and general guidelines (FFFS 2013:8) regarding standard regulations for non-life insurance undertakings’ calculation of contingency reserves

In force from 2016-01-01 , amending FFFS 2013:8


The amendments entail that the regulations are adapted to the Solvency II Directive. Finansinspektionen introduces regulations entailing that the contingency reserve will cover all losses and can be included in full in the own funds. Because the statutory requirement on equalisation provisions for credit insurance is being removed, FI is also removing equalisation provisions for credit insurance as a parameter in the calculation of the maximum provision to the contingency reserve. FI is also introducing regulations that the contingency reserve can be applicable for foreign insurance providers' branches in Sweden.

The regulations enter into force 1 January 2016. amendment 2015:19


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