FFFS 2014:5

Finansinspektionen’s Regulations and General Guidelines regarding information security, IT operations and deposit systems

In force from 2014-06-01


The regulations apply to credit institutions and investment firms and include, for example, regulations that firms must work in a structured and methodical manner with information security. The regulations also regulate the governance and procedures for the IT operations and establish requirements on the security of deposit systems.


According to the amendment, undertakings with authorisation to conduct clearing operations according to Chapter 19 of the Securities Market Act (2007:528) shall be covered by the provisions on information security and IT operations set out in Finansinspektionen's regulations and general guidelines (FFFS 2014:5) regarding information security, IT operations and deposit systems.

The amendments will enter into force on 1 March 2018. Amendment 2018:2

Finansinspektionen is amending the reference to provisions regarding outsourcing agreements.

The amendment enters into force on 3 January 2018.

FI is amending the scope to agree with the scope in the Credit Institutions and Securities Companies (Special Supervision) Act (2014:968). The amendments enter into force on 2 August 2014. Amendment 2014:32



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