FFFS 2015:10

Finansinspektionen’s regulations regarding insurers from a third country conducting business in Sweden

In force from 2016-01-01


The regulations gather all provisions related to insurers from third countries conducting business in Sweden into one single regulation. The regulations replace Finansinspektionen's regulations (FFFS 2011:4) regarding foreign insurance undertaking' obligation to provide information on their solvency for operations in Sweden and Finansinspektionen's regulations regarding scheme of operations for insurers from a third country (2008:9).

These regulations adapt the regulations targeting insurers from third countries to the provisions of the Solvency II Directive. The Solvency II regulation of insurers from third countries is intended, among other things, to ensure that these insurance providers have the capital and the governance (including risk management) required to cover the risks associated with their business in EEA countries.

The decision enters into force on 1 January 2016.


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