FFFS 2017:2

Finansinspektionen’s regulations regarding investment services and activities

In force from 2018-01-03


The regulations contain rules for how a securities institution shall organise its operations and act toward its customers. The rules apply to knowledge and competence, product governance requirements, safeguarding of client assets and payments to and from third parties (incentives).

The regulations are the result of amendments to the Securities Market Act to implement Directive 2014/65/EU (MiFID II).

The new regulations will go into effect on 3 January 2018


FI is introducing a new Chapter 2a with rules regarding what a securities company shall submit to the authority when applying for authorisation to conduct ancillary pursuant to Chapter 2, section 3 of the Securities Market Act (2007:528). FI is also amending Chapter 7, section 7, which entails that free test subscriptions of investment analysis is introduced as a minor non-monetary benefit. Editorial changes were also made to the regulations. The amendments enter into force on 2 July 2019. Amendment 2019:9



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