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Remark and administrative fine for two companies in the Nasdaq Group

2016-12-13 | Press releases Markets

Nasdaq Clearing AB is receiving a remark and must pay an administrative fine of SEK 25 million. Nasdaq Stockholm AB is receiving a remark and must pay an administrative fine of SEK 30 million.

Unique state of the economy

Finansinspektionen (FI) reports its assessment of financial stability twice a year. At a press conference today, FI Director General Erik Thedéen and FI Chief Economist Henrik Braconier will present this year’s second stability report.

FI’s capital assessment method for securitisation within Pillar 2

Finansinspektionen (FI) believes that securitisation can give rise to risks that are not considered in current regulation. FI is therefore submitting for consultation today the method it intends to use to assess banks’ capital requirement within Pillar 2 for flowback risks during securitisation.

New methods for banks' risk weights and capital requirements

Finansinspektionen (FI) is publishing two consultation memorandums today that will raise the capital requirements primarily for exposures to corporates for banks that use the internal ratings-based approach.

Additional capital requirements for Nordea's PD estimates

FI noted during the spring that Nordea's reported Probability of Default (PD) as a percentage of its corporate lending was larger than its estimated PD during certain years and in certain markets. In other words, actual PD was higher than the bank's estimated PD.

Resurs Bank receives a remark and an administrative fine

2016-09-13 | Sanctions Bank

Finansinspektionen is issuing Resurs Bank AB a remark. The bank must also pay an administrative fine of SEK 35 million.

Comments regarding Nordea and FI:s supervision

SvD published information today about FI's supervision of Nordea and the banks' internal models. FI therefore sees a need to describe and make certain clarifications about its supervision and how the capital assessment for Nordea has been handled.

Comments about Nordea

2016-06-21 | Press releases Bank

SvD is publishing an article today about information in a memorandum written by FI regarding Nordea's capital needs. SvD did not receive the memorandum from FI. As a result, the confidentiality assessment that FI is obligated to conduct pursuant to the Public Disclosure and Secrecy Act has not been conducted.

FI invites banks to a discussion about household debts

Household debts are continuing to develop in an unfavourable direction. This is one of the conclusions in FI's Stability Report, which is being published today.

FI grants Nordea authorisation to restructure its Nordic subsidiaries into branches

2016-05-17 | Press releases Bank

Nordea Bank AB (Nordea) has applied to Finansinspektionen (FI) for authorisation to execute plans under which its wholly-owned subsidiaries in Denmark, Finland and Norway will be merged with Nordea and thereafter be operated as branches. FI has decided to grant Nordea authorisation.

Digitalised financial market presents challenges and opportunities

2016-05-03 | Press releases Markets

The higher degree of digitalisation can lead to more cost-efficient solutions for both consumers and financial companies. However, it is important to safeguard consumer protection.

Amortisation requirement for new mortgages

New mortgages must be amortised down to 50 per cent of the value of the residential property. The amortisation requirement will apply to all new loans that are collateralised by a residential property. The property may be revalued every fifth year.

Households borrow more in relation to their income

Swedish households are borrowing more in relation to their income. Despite this, they have in general sufficient margins to make their payments. FI presents these and other conclusions in this year's Mortgage Survey, which is being published today.

FI increases resilience in the financial system

FI's Board of Directors has decided to raise the countercyclical capital buffer to 2 per cent as of 19 March 2017.

Climate changes and financial stability

Today FI will submit a report to the Government about how climate change may affect financial stability.

Trig Social Media breached accounting rules

Trig Social Media AB has, in an interim report, on a number of points neglected the provisions regarding periodic financial information. Finansinspektionen has therefore decided to issue the company with a caution for having breached the accounting rules.


New proposal for an amortization requirement

FI today sends out a proposal which requires amortization of mortgages. The proposal is that new mortgage holders must pay their mortgages down to a 50 per cent loan-to value ratio. Starting on 1 June 2016, the amortization requirement will apply to all new loans which are collateralized by a home.

Growing risks require readiness to introduce further measures

Resilience in the Swedish financial system is satisfactory. However, the sharp rise in housing prices means that household debt is growing rapidly. This development entails an increase in the risks to economic stability. It is therefore necessary to be prepared to take further measures.

Resilience continues to be sound but measures required

The Swedish financial system is functioning well and the banks' resilience to disruptions is satisfactory. At the same time, measures are required to reduce the risks linked to household indebtedness. These are two of the conclusions drawn in FI's Stability Report, which is being presented today.

Handelsbanken receives a remark and is ordered to pay 35 million

Handelsbanken has not complied with the money laundering rules. The bank has not conducted risk assessments for all of its customers or obtained sufficient information about customers and their business relations. The bank's system for reviewing transactions has also been deficient. Handelsbanken thus receives a remark and is ordered to pay an administrative fine of SEK 35 million.

Nordea receives a warning and is ordered to pay 50 million

There have been major deficiencies in Nordea's work to prevent money laundering. This means there is a high probability that if people have tried to launder money or finance terrorism that they could have done so without Nordea having been able to detect this. Nordea is therefore receiving a warning and is ordered to pay the maximum administrative fine of SEK 50 million.

FI is not progressing with the amortization requirement

Finansinspektionen (FI) is of the opinion that it is necessary to put an amortisation requirement in place. At the same time, the Administrative Court of Appeal of Jönköping, among others, finds deficiencies in the legal basis for FI to decide on an amortisation requirement. FI determines that the legal status is unclear and that FI's mandate needs clarifying. Therefore, at present, FI is not progressing with the amortisation requirement.

Resilience still sound among households with mortgages

More households are amortizing, and they are more resilient than they were a year ago. At the same time, many households with lower loan-to-value ratios choose to refrain from amortizing, confirming the need for an amortisation requirement. These are some of the conclusions from this year's mortgage survey.

Amortization requirement for new mortgages

New mortgage holders must pay their mortgages down to a 50 per cent loan-to-value ratio. The amortisation requirement will apply to all new loans granted that are collateralised by a home, as of 1 August 2015. Properties may be revalued every fifth year. The rules will apply to all banks and credit market companies. This is proposed by Finansinspektionen (FI).


Sound resilience in the financial system

Resilience in the Swedish financial system is satisfactory. Despite unease abroad, the banks have sound resilience and access to funding. The major banks' need for funding from the market and the substantial debts of households are, at the same time, vulnerabilities that must be monitored and counteracted. These are the conclusions of Finansinspektionen's (FI's) Stability Report.

Martin Andersson stays on as Director General

2014-12-04 | Press releases

Today, the Government decided to renew its confidence in Martin Andersson, who will stay on as Director General of Finansinspektionen (FI).

New mortgages to be repaid down to 50 percent

New mortgage holders are to repay their mortgages down to 50 per cent loan-to-value (LTV). Annual repayments of at least 2 per cent will first be made on loans down to 70 per cent LTV. After that at least one per cent is to be repaid annually down to 50 per cent LTV.

Administrative fines for Solidum and Fjällförsäkringar

2014-10-07 | Press releases

Credit market company Solidum has not managed its credit risks properly, and insurance company Fjällförsäkringar has had deficiencies in its coverage of liabilities. Both firms are being issued a remark and must pay administrative fines.

The banks must be more open about mortgage rates

The banks have, for a long time, presented misleading list prices to their mortgage customers. FI is now requiring them to report an average of the interest rates that customers actually pay. The proposal is an important step in strengthening the position of banking customers on the mortgage market.

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