Periodic reporting

New in January 2018

Two systems – different log-in procedures

There are two different systems for Periodic Reporting to Finansinspektionen; one is web based and one is locally installed application.

Both systems are using the Reporting Portal to administer reporting authorisations.
For more information about the Reporting Portal, please see About the Reporting Portal .

Accessing the web based system is done via the Reporting Portal. 

The locally installed application is accessed by BankID or User name and password (for foreign users). An account and reporting authorisation in the Reporting Portal is required.

Periodic reporting

Reporting calendars for each category of firm can be found on the websites for Banking/Reporting, Insurance/Reporting and Markets/Reporting.

Periodic Reporting Online

Authorisation for the tool

Anyone needing authorisation to access the tool must register for a user account in the Reporting Portal, an online portal that will eventually gather all the manual reporting to Finansinspektionen. The link to the portal and information about how it works is available at About the Reporting Portal.


The method for logging in to the online system for periodic reporting meets a higher level of security than the previous method. Swedish residents with a Swedish personal ID number identify themselves using Bank-ID or Mobilt Bank-ID. Non-Swedish residents receive a code via SMS to log in. Information about the methods of logging in is available at About the Reporting Portal.

If you already have created an account, you can go directly to the Reporting Portal to report or administer authorisations.


Actions in the event of error message "403 – Forbidden: Access is denied"

Sometimes an error message pops up that says "403 - Forbidden: Access is denied". If this error message is generated, the browsing session must be ended before log-in will be possible. Restart the web browser or clear the Internet history. Please note that this must be done for all open web browser sessions. This also applies if authentication has been discontinued at any stage.

Periodic reporting via the Installed Java Application

Authorisation and login

Reporting authorisation for the locally installed application is managed in the Reporting Portal.

A signatory of the company needs to register as a user and delegate the reporting authorisation via 'Manage authorisations' once logged in. The person who is going to submit the reports also needs to register as a user.

See more information about delegating reporting authorisation About the reporting Portal - in the first video guide and the PDF guide about authorisation at the bottom of the page.

Login is done with BankID or User name and password (for foreign users) after the application is installed. See the guide below for instructions about the installation.


(Only available in Swedish)

When a reporting day falls on a weekend

If a reporting date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or other public holiday, Midsummer's Eve, Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, the last reporting day is automatically the next weekday.

The information that must be reported and the reporting deadlines can be found in the reporting plan for each respective industry and firm category.

Banking - reporting

Insurance - reporting

Markets - reporting

Last reviewed: 2020-08-20
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