Nord Fondkommission AB’s authorisation is withdrawn

Finansinspektionen (FI) is withdrawing all of Nord Fondkommission AB’s (Nord) authorisations due to severe deficiencies, in part in the company’s advisory services.

Nasdaq Clearing Aktiebolag receives a warning and an administrative fine

2021-01-27 | Sanctions EMIR Markets

Nasdaq Clearing Aktiebolag is receiving a warning and must pay an administrative fine of SEK 300 million.


FI withdraws the authorisation of investment firm Exceed

Finansinspektion (FI) immediately withdraws the authorisation for Exceed Capital Sverige AB. Under FI’s decision, the company loses all its authorisations and may no longer conduct regulated business. The decision will be presented by FI Director General Erik Thedéen and Chief Legal Counsel Eric Leijonram at a press conference today, Tuesday, 2 June, at 2:00 PM.

Withdrawn authorisation for Exceed Capital Sverige AB

Finansinspektionen withdraws all Exceed Capital Sverige AB’s (Exceed) authorisations to conduct securities business and its authorisation for ancillary services, authorisation to conduct insurance distribution, and authorisation to be registered as a manager of fund units.

JM receives a caution and an order to follow financial reporting rules

JM has been in violation of the international financial reporting standard IFRS 10 in its consolidated financial statements for 2017 by not including – consolidating – tenant-owners associations during the so-called production phase. FI is issuing JM a caution and ordering the company to take corrective action in future financial statements. The correction shall be implemented no later than in the company’s half-yearly report for 2020.


Trig Social Media breached accounting rules

Trig Social Media AB has, in an interim report, on a number of points neglected the provisions regarding periodic financial information. Finansinspektionen has therefore decided to issue the company with a caution for having breached the accounting rules.


Reinhold Europe shall pay penalty fee for the failure to publish financial information

2014-05-13 | Sanctions Markets

By a decision made on May 12th 2014, Finansinspektionen has decided that Reinhold Europe AB (formerly Reinhold Polska AB) shall pay a penalty fee of SEK 1 500 000 for the failure to publish periodic financial information.

FI withdraws the authorisation of Festival International

2014-01-14 | Sanctions Markets

Finansinspektionen withdraws the authorisation of Festival International to conduct investment services.


NGM's licence reinstated

2008-12-02 | Sanctions Markets

The Stockholm County Administrative Court has decided that NGM's licence to operate a regulated market and trading facility shall not be revoked. NGM shall instead be issued a warning and a financial penalty of SEK 4.5 million to the government in accordance with Finansinspektionen’s proposal.

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