FI Supervision 9: Banks’ work on information and cyber security

2018-12-07 | Fintech Reports Bank

Several banks are working to develop and enhance their information and cyber security. Some have not yet fully adapted their work to the changed conditions introduced by increased digitalisation and an increased level of cyber threats. FI expects that the banks will continue to focus on developing their information- and cyber security abilities, and keep managing and monitoring their information and cyber risks.

Financial innovations

2018-04-13 | Fintech

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FI’s Innovation Center

2018-04-13 | Fintech

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Contact us

2018-04-13 | Fintech

Here you will find information about how to contact FI’s Innovation Center.


2018-04-13 | Fintech

Here you will find a list of the questions we frequently receive and our answers to these questions.


2018-04-13 | Fintech

Here you can see a list of the authorisations that may be needed for certain types of activities.

Innovation-related cooperation

2018-04-13 | Fintech

We cooperate with other governmental authorities to exchange knowledge and follow the development of innovations on the financial market.

How the Innovation Center works

2018-04-03 | Fintech

We are an easy point of contact for companies. We offer a simple dialogue for questions related to financial innovation.

About the Innovation Center

2018-04-03 | Fintech

We are the first point of contact for companies that are unsure about the regulations, processes and principles that apply to financial innovations.

Erik Thedéen: Rules prevent crises

Finansinspektionen is responsible for macroprudential policy in Sweden, which includes both promoting financial stability and counteracting financial imbalances. We are also tasked with promoting a high level of consumer protection on the financial markets. One of the reasons that we have been given the responsibility for macroprudential policy is that financial crises have proven themselves to be very expensive.


FI establishes an innovation centre

2017-12-01 | Fintech Reports Markets

FI is establishing a fintech innovation centre that will provide information to and maintain a dialogue with companies conducting innovation-based business. This centre and additional initiatives are presented in FI's report to the Government regarding an assignment.

FI:s response to the EU Consultation on FinTech: A more competitive and innovative European Financial Sector

Finansinspektionen has responded to the Commission Consultation Document on FinTech: A more competitive and innovative European Financial Sector.

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