Finansinspektionen's role in a framework for financial stability

Macroprudential supervision is not a new concept; it has always been a part of traditional supervision work. This statement was part of Martin Andersson's speech at the Bank & Finans Outlook conference on March 20.

The first part of the speech touched on the lessons learned from the financial crisis and reflected on the international work that is currently underway to decrease the number and scope of future financial crises as well as what we can learn from this given the risks that are present in the financial system in Sweden.

Martin Andersson spoke about macroprudential tools and that these tools to a large extent are already part of Finansinspektionen's toolkit.

In conclusion he emphasised that the crucial question is how to create a stable financial system, not how to divide the supervisory work into microprudential and macroprudential supervision. An important aspect of this work is that we become better at discussing and working together on the risks that we see.

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