The payment system is a critical function. FI supervises clearing organisations for payments, payment institutions, registered payment service providers, financial institutions, electronic money institutions and registered electronic money issuers.

Stability in the Financial System (2024:1): A slightly better outlook in an uncertain environment

Publicerad 2024-05-27

The outlook for financial stability has improved somewhat, and uncertainty has decreased, but we are still in the middle of a recession. Higher costs…

Most People Have Lost Money Trading Cryptocertificates

Publicerad 2024-05-23

More than half of Swedes who traded in cryptocertificates over the past six years have lost money on their investments. This is despite the…

Four reasons not to buy cryptoassets

Publicerad 2024-05-15

Right now, the media is filled with reporting on cryptoassets, and various investment tips are being shared on social media. Even though regulations…

FI prioritizes particularly vulnerable sectors to combat money laundering

Publicerad 2024-04-17

Money laundering is a global problem that allows criminals to transact large sums of money without revealing their illegal activities. In order to…