We have gathered here FI’s external material, such as reports, analyses, press releases, consultation comments and sanctions. We list all planned publications of reports and statistics with date and times in our Calendar.

FI Analysis No. 41: Commercial real estate firms may need to reduce their debt

Publicerad 2023-11-28

In this analysis, we estimate how much Swedish listed and larger privately owned commercial real estate firms need to reduce their debt in a climate…

Stability in the Financial System (2023:2): Adjustments to higher interest rates remain to be made

Publicerad 2023-11-28

The higher interest rate means that households and companies need to make adjustments to their finances. Finansinspektionen (FI) is now seeing a…

Capital requirements of Swedish banks as of Q3 2023

Publicerad 2023-11-24

Finansinspektionen publishes the capital requirements of the largest Swedish banks and credit institutions that belong to supervisory categories 1…

European Commission approves extension of the risk weight floor for Swedish mortgages

Publicerad 2023-11-09

The European Commission has announced that it does not intend to object to FI's intention to extend the current risk weight floor for Swedish…