About FI

FI is a government authority tasked with monitoring the financial market. We promote a stable financial system that contributes to sustainable development and a high level of consumer protection. We publish rules for financial firms and monitor compliance with these rules. We also analyse risks that could lead to instability in the financial system.

Chief Legal Counsel Eric Leijonram is leaving FI

Publicerad 2024-07-08

Eric Leijonram is leaving FI and his role as head legal counsel to become the director general of the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection.

New members appointed to FI’s Board of Directors

Publicerad 2024-07-02

The Government has appointed Martin Flodén and Roine Vestman, both professors in economics at Stockholm University, to FI’s Board of Directors.

Stefan Lundgren new Board member of FI

Publicerad 2024-06-18

The Government has appointed former Auditor General Stefan Lundgren to FI’s Board of Directors.

Beatrice Ask new chair of the Board of FI

Publicerad 2024-04-26

Beatrice Ask has joined and will be the chair of FI’s Board of Directors. The appointment runs until 24 April 2027.