FFFS 2021:29

Finansinspektionen’s general guidelines regarding credits in consumer relationships

Repealed 2023-09-01 see FFFS 2023:20


FI presents new general guidelines on credits in consumer relationships, which in part refer to the application of the provisions on good lending practices and credit assessment set out in sections 6 and 12 of the Consumer Credit Act. The general guidelines clarify in part which information a lender should include in the basis for its credit assessment of a consumer. Also how the lender should gather, check and consider the data when it is assessing the consumer's payment capacity. Finansinspektionen's general guidelines (FFFS 2014:11) regarding consumer credit are otherwise transferred primarily unchanged, aside from a few language-related adjustments.

Several of the new guidelines on credit assessments correspond to the European Banking Authority's guidelines on loan origination and monitoring that went into force on 30 June 2021.

The general guidelines enter into force on 1 November 2021, whereupon the general guidelines (FFFS 2014:11) on consumer credits are repealed.