You can search for one or several words.
As you type a word into the Search field, a list of up to ten automatic suggestions will appear.

Search results

If you are searching for several words, the search results that are shown contain all of the words in the search. For example, consumer protection on the financial market will generate hits that contain all six words, and not necessarily in that order.

If you would like to search for a specific phrase, use quotation marks. For example, type "consumer protection on the financial market" and you will see hits that only have this exact phrase.

Narrow your search

You can narrow the results of your search by filtering the terms/tags that are shown in the column to the right. The number of hits for each term/tag are shown in parentheses.

  • Structure filters out specific parts of the website.
  • Theme filters out a specific category, a selection that stretches across the entire structure of the website.
  • Information type filters out documents or a certain type of page, for example an article page, news or a report.
  • Language If there are hits in Swedish, you can also filter the results by language (Swedish or English).

If you want to take away the filter, simply remove the check from the box.


Search results are sorted by Relevance, which means that the term you searched for can be found early and/or often in the results. You may instead opt to sort by Date, which means that the results will be sorted in descending order by the date of publication.

Show more

A maximum of 30 hits will be shown in the search results. To see more, click Show more at the bottom of the page.

Special characters

It is not possible to search for words that contain some special characters, for example words that have an apostrophe ('). If you would like to search for a word that contains an apostrophe, you will need to use the * character. To search, for example, for the phrase "A Hard Day's Night", type instead "A Hard Day* Night".

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