Preschool children can learn about personal finances

A feasibility study conducted by Finansinspektionen in collaboration with Mälardalen University has determined that it is possible to teach preschool children about money and finances. Small children are happy to talk about money, but preschool teachers are not experienced in talking to them about personal finances.

"A potential educational initiative for the future could be to target students studying to become preschool teachers," says Therese Wieselqvist Ekman, who is responsible for educational programmes in personal finances at FI. The earlier children learn about personal finances, the better equipped they will be to make educated decisions.

International studies show that it is good to start teaching children about finances from an early age in order to give them valuable financial skills. Preschools could supplement the economic skills that children get at home and thus prevent economic problems for children and youth in the future, for example over-indebtedness.

It is part of FI's assignment to educate the public in financial matters. Most of FI's projects educate teachers and certified personal finance instructors. This helps reach a wider audience. The goal is to create knowledgeable consumers who make active decisions.

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