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2017-01-24 | News About FI

The new www.fi.se has arrived - with new design, new structure and partially new content.

Why a new website?

We regularly ask our visitors what they think about FI's website. We have received feedback that visitors would like to see a structure that more clearly helps them find the right page.

The structure of the website has therefore been adapted to meet the needs of our visitors. If you are a bank, you should be able to find what you need under the Banking tab, regardless of whether you are looking for regulations or information about supervision or authorisation. This is also the case if insurance companies or fund management companies.

The Consumer Protection and Financial Stability tabs contain information about our assignments and how we work to achieve these goals.

FI's new website also adapts to the technological interface you are using when you visit us. This means that it is easier to visit our page, regardless of whether you are on your telephone, a table or a computer.

If you are not looking for information about rules, etc., but rather are looking to perform a task, for example reporting information or searching in our register, you can find these "action buttons" up in the right-hand corner of every page.

Another reason we decided to create a new website is because the technology behind the previous website needed to be upgraded.

And then, naturally, we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to build a website that is visually pleasing.

As a visitor do I need to do anything?

If you have previously saved a bookmark to certain information on our website, you will need to add this bookmark again. The same applies if you have signed up for any subscriptions from us.

We hope that you enjoy our new website.

/ Annika Zervens, Executive Director of Communications

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