Let FI know!

Tips from the general public can help us in our work if they provide indications of systemic errors that could affect multiple customers. FI therefore welcomes tips from the general public about potential deficiencies in how a firm complies with laws and regulations. However, FI will not intervene in individual disputes between consumers and firms.

Do you have a complaint? Your first point of contact should be the firm's complaints manager, but you can also contact the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints or a general court of law.

How to submit a tip to FI

Send a short description of the course of events and what you consider to be incorrect to us at finansinspektionen@fi.se. Attach any documents that supplement your description. The more clearly you can describe the problem, the easier it is for FI to make an assessment about the event you consider to be incorrect. If you would like to, you can encrypt your email.

FI will send you a response regarding the information you reported to us. FI may open an investigation based on a single or multiple reports. However, you will not be a party to any such investigation, and you will not be informed about how such an investigation is progressing. The methods with which we carry out our supervision of the firms which have received authorisation from FI are confidential.

We use the information we receive from you, or others, in our supervision to improve firms' behaviour. However, we will not pursue your individual case. You will need to do that yourself. By contacting FI, though, you are contributing to the improvement of the financial market, for which we are appreciative.

Anything sent to FI is an official document that can be requested by the general public.

Last reviewed: 2022-01-13