Let FI know!

Information we receive from the general public is often very helpful in our work, in particular if it identifies systematic errors, i.e. errors that can affect multiple customers.

Individual errors and mistakes can be serious for the person who is affected, You should first contact the firm's Complaints department and as a second alternative the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints. In extreme cases you may need to contact a general court of law.

In brief, it is FI's job to monitor the firms which have received authorisation to conduct business on the financial market and ensure that they comply with laws and regulations. This means that FI monitors around 4,000 firms, from the big banks and insurance companies to small companies on the financial market. FI conducts its supervision by carrying out reviews on a random sample of firms primarily based on assessments of where the need is the greatest. Our work is greatly facilitated by consumers who contact us with information about deficiencies - it is much easier to find weaknesses if we know where to look.

We want to hear from you

FI would like the general public to report indications of potential deficiencies in how a firm complies with laws and regulations. The simplest way to do this is to contact us via e-mail or letter.

If you would like to send an encrypted email to FI, you can use PGP, a program commonly used to encrypt and decrypt emails. More information about encryption and the encryption key can be found under Contact.

If you prefer, you can report something anonymously, for example if you are a "whistle-blower", by creating an anonymous email account where you do not use your name in the email address.

Provide a short description of the course of events and what you consider to be incorrect. Attach any documents that supplement your description. The more clearly you can describe the problem, the easier it is for FI to make an assessment about the event you consider to be incorrect.

FI will contact you about your information, but we will not be able to say whether or not it will lead to a supervision case. The method with which we carry out our supervision of the companies which have received authorisation from FI is confidential.

We use the information we receive from you to improve firms' behaviour. However, we will not be pursuing your individual case. You will need to do that yourself. By contacting FI, though, you are contributing to the improvement of the financial market, for which we are appreciative.

The Swedish Consumers' Banking and Finance Bureau and the Swedish Consumers Insurance Bureau can provide guidance on how to pursue specific matters. Visit them at www.konsumenternas.se or by phone
+46 (0)8 22 58 00, 9 AM-12 PM.

Last reviewed: 2017-01-24
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