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Alternative login methods

Click here to connect your registered account to the One Touch application. Please see this guide for more information.

Click here to connect your registered account to a local e-ID provider via eIDAS. Please see this guide for more information.
Information about eIDAS can be found here eIDAS Regulation (European Commission).

Instructions and films

Instructions Reporting Portal - Registration

Instructions Reporting Portal - Authorization

One Touch - Guide

Delegated administration in the Reporting Portal  requirements and conditions version 2.2

Please note that the system interface may have been altered since the videos were made, but the functionality is still the same.




I am trying to log in, but it keeps bouncing back to the log-in page.

You need to create an account before you can log in to the portal:  Register an account. Certain types of reporting also require reporting authorisation, which a registered signatory needs to delegate to your profile, see  Signatory. More information is available here: Authorisation

I did not receive an SMS code

Please make sure that the mobile telephone number you have registered in the portal is correct. The number should include the country code for your territory. If it still does not work, send a description of the problem in an email to

An alternative login method is to register for the OneTouch application, which works like an electronic identification. Please see more information above: Instructions and films. 

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, see Forgot your password? Then try to log in again with SMS verification. Please contact us if you are still not able to log in.

How do I get reporting authorisation?

An authorised signatory from the submitting entity will need to delegate authorisations for the reporting systems to you.

I am an authorised signatory for a submitting entity. How do I delegate reporting authorisation?

If you have created a user account in our portal, log in to the portal and choose the role "Business Administrator". Then,

  • Click on "Authorisation Administration".
  • Choose "Manage reporting authorisations".
  • Choose the reporting type from the drop-down list.
  • Search for the company using either the company ID or the full company name.
  • Double click on the company name in the list.
  • Search for the email address of the person to whom you would like to delegate authorisation. Click "Add" and then "Save and close".

I am an authorised signatory for a submitting entity. How do I delegate authorisation if I do not have a user account?

It is not possible to delegate authorisations without a user account. You will need to sign up for an account in our portal. Register the company and add your name as a company representative. You will then be authorised to act as a "Business Administrator" for the company. The Business Administrator role enables you to delegate reporting authorisations.

I am going to submit reports for a non-Swedish branch office. How do I get reporting authorisation?

A non-Swedish branch office needs to be registered in the Reporting Portal as a foreign company. A representative registered with the company will be assigned the role of Business Administrator and will then be able to delegate reporting authorisation to you. Please note that the representative also needs to be registered as a user to the Reporting Portal before it will be possible to delegate authorisation to you.