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DateIssuerSecuritiesDocument type
2023-12-07Midsummer ABShares - SHRSSecondary issuance
2023-12-06Attana ABShares - SHRSEU growth prospectus
2023-12-06Copperstone Resources AB (publ)Shares - SHRSSecondary issuance
2023-12-06Medivir AktiebolagShares - SHRSSecondary issuance
2023-12-06Stenhus Fastigheter i Norden AB (publ)Debt with denomination ≥ €100.000 - DWLDProspectus
2023-12-05Goodbye Kansas Group ABShares - SHRSEU growth prospectus
2023-12-04Gabather ABShares - SHRSEU growth prospectus
2023-12-04Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken ABDerivative securities - DERVBase prospectus
2023-12-01NOBA Bank Group AB (publ)Debt with denomination ≥ €100.000 - DWLDSupplement
2023-12-01Borgo AB (publ)Debt with denomination ≥ €100.000 - DWLDSupplement