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DateIssuerSecuritiesDocument type
2021-04-16Safello Group ABShares - SHRSEU growth prospectus
2021-04-16Hemnet Group AB (publ)Shares - SHRSProspectus
2021-04-16Nobina AB (publ)Debt with denomination ≥ €100.000 - DWLDProspectus
2021-04-15Modelon AB (publ)Shares - SHRSEU growth prospectus
2021-04-15Josemaria Resources Inc.Shares - SHRSSecondary issuance
2021-04-15Ovzon AB (publ)Shares - SHRSProspectus
2021-04-15Ascelia Pharma ABShares - SHRSSecondary issuance
2021-04-14Indutrade AktiebolagDebt with denomination ≥ €100.000 - DWLDBase prospectus
2021-04-14Lantmännen ek förDebt with denomination ≥ €100.000 - DWLDBase prospectus
2021-04-12Mekonomen AktiebolagDebt with denomination ≥ €100.000 - DWLDProspectus

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