Decision regarding the countercyclical buffer rate

Finansinspektionen (FI) decided on 29 January not to change the countercyclical buffer rate. The buffer rate of two per cent, which has applied since 19 March 2017, shall thus continue to apply. The countercyclical buffer guide is set at 0 per cent.

FI intends to provide approximately once a year a more detailed account of the considerations underlying the decision. This Decision Memorandum is therefore longer than the memorandum for the corresponding decisions taken the past year.

FI, in accordance with the Capital Buffers Act (2014:966), shall set a countercyclical buffer guide and a countercyclical buffer rate each quarter. FI decided on 29 January 2018 not to amend FI's regulations (FFFS 2014:33) regarding the countercyclical buffer rate.

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