Increased transparency on carbon pricing can strengthen the financial system

FI will explore the possibility of advocating both nationally and internationally increased disclosure of firms’ internal carbon pricing.

Savings and loans associations

2020-01-03 | Bank

A savings and loans association must apply for registration with FI.

Payment services

2020-01-03 | Bank

Providing payment services requires authorisation from FI. An entity with a turnover for payment services exceeding an equivalent of EUR 3 million per month must have authorisation to conduct payment services operations and is referred to in the Act as a “payment institution”. An entity with a turnover less than this amount may apply to be exempt from the authorisation obligation and is referred to as a “registered payment service provider”.

Mortgage institutions

2020-01-03 | Bank

To issue or broker mortgages to consumers, firms must have authorisation from FI pursuant to the Mortgage Business Act (2016:1024).

Electronic money

2020-01-02 | Bank

Issuing electronic money requires authorisation in accordance with the Electronic Money Act (2011:755).

Deposit institutions

2020-01-02 | Bank

“Deposit operations” refers to the receipt of funds from the general public, for example via deposits in accounts or the issuance of bonds.

Currency traders or other financial operations

2020-01-02 | Bank

Natural and legal persons who would like to carry out currency trading on a large scale or other financial operations are considered to be financial institutions.

Consumer credit institutions

2020-01-02 | Bank

Issuing or brokering loans to consumers requires authorisation from FI in accordance with the Certain Consumer Credit-related Operations Act (2014:275) (corresponding operations with mortgages require authorisation in accordance with the Mortgage Business Act (2016:1024)).

Banking or financing business

2020-01-02 | Bank

Banking business includes processing payments via general payment systems and receiving money on account, which after termination should be available to the claim holder within a maximum of 30 days.

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