License to be registered as manager of units or shares

2023-09-15 | Funds Markets

If a fund company’s register of shareholders is kept by an organisation which is not a Swedish central securities depository, an authorisation from the Financial Supervisory Authority is required for registration as a manager of units or shares (nominee licence).

TRS 2 system closed on 27 September

2023-09-14 | News Reporting Markets

TRS 2 system closed on Wednesday, 27 September.

Planned maintenance of the TRS 2-systems test environment

2023-08-29 | News Reporting Markets

The TRS 2 system's test environment will be closed for maintenance on Wednesday, 6 September.

Consumer Protection Report 2023

The risks given the highest priority in FI’s consumer protection work for 2023 are unaffordable lending, unsuitable investment products and investment fraud.

Open finance in Sweden

2023-06-28 | Fintech Reports News

Digitalisation introduces both opportunities and risks to the financial market. After conducting a new survey, FI has noted that broader regulation on how customer data can be shared with third-party providers could make it easier for consumers to compare financial products such as occupational pensions and mortgages.

On Saturday, 10 June, until Sunday, 11 June, TRS 2 will be closed for maintenance

2023-06-02 | News Reporting Markets

It will be possible to submit TR files, but feedback will not be sent until after 12 pm on Monday 12 June.

Updated approach to assessing Pillar 2 guidance for Swedish banks

Finansinspektionen has decided on an updated approach for assessing the size of the Pillar 2 guidance for Swedish banks. The updated method contains in part new intervals and an upper limit on how much the outcome of the sensitivity-based stress test can contribute to the final guidance.

FI Analysis No. 40: Winners and losers in the trading of meme stocks

2023-05-26 | Reports Markets

In 2021, Gamestop, a relatively unknown American company, experienced a sudden increase in its stock price. The price increase had been orchestrated by a group of investors who had collaborated via a social media platform and successfully drove up the price of the stock by 1,500 per cent within days. Other stocks, including AMC, had exhibited similar patterns, giving rise to the term "meme stocks" due to the humorous elements found in the online forums where these stocks were discussed.