Scheduled maintenance: Fidac

2024-02-26 | Reporting

Wednesday 28 February, between 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM, maintenance work will take place in Fidac and the system may be unavailable during that time.

Capital requirements of Swedish banks as of Q4 2023

Finansinspektionen publishes the capital requirements of the largest Swedish banks and credit institutions that belong to supervisory categories 1 and 2 as of the end of Q4 2023.

Comprehensive overview is important when changing the conditions on the housing market

2024-02-22 | Mortgage News Consumer

FI has received an assignment from the Government to assess an increase in the loan-to-value (LTV) cap from 85 to 90 percent. At the same time, the Government proposes phasing out the tax deductibility for unsecured loans. We assess that an increase in the LTV cap would lead to higher household indebtedness and an increase in associated risks. This assessment holds even if interest rate deductions for unsecured loans are phased out. We also take the position that it is appropriate to await the results of the ongoing inquiry into both the LTV cap and the amortisation requirement and consider any changes to the measures comprehensively.

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Fidac (Finansinspektionen Data Collection) is the Swedish Financially Supervisory Authority reporting system for periodic reporting and some event driven reporting.

Marie Lindström new communications director

2024-02-15 | News About FI

FI has named Marie Lindström its new communications director.

Ownership reporting

2024-02-15 | Reporting Bank

Financial entities are obligated to report larger holdings, for example subsidiaries and other ownership interests.