FATF and other entities

2021-01-25 | Insurance

In Sweden and abroad, there are many more entities which are, in some way, concerned with or work with combating money laundering and terrorist financing. Some of them are presented here. More information can be found on the relevant websites.

EU sanctions

2021-01-25 | Insurance

Both financial firms and a considerable number of non-financial firms and professionals are obliged to follow the sanctions issued by the European Council, aimed at persons and entities suspected of involvement in acts of terrorism or collaborating with terrorists and persons linked to certain non-EU regimes.


2021-01-25 | Insurance

A firm shall review transactions in order to detect transactions and other activities that could be suspected to form an element of money laundering or terrorist financing.

Risk classification

2021-01-25 | Insurance

Customer due diligence measures shall be adapted based on an assessment of the extent of the risk of being used for money laundering and terrorist financing.

Customer due diligence

2021-01-22 | Insurance

The firm must possess solid knowledge about its customers and their affairs so as to make it more difficult for the business to be used for, and to prevent, money laundering or terrorist financing.


2021-01-22 | Insurance

A firm’s employees shall receive training to provide them with sufficient knowledge to follow the firm’s anti-money laundering procedures and guidelines.


2021-01-22 | Insurance

A firm shall have in place procedures and guidelines in terms of measures for customer due diligence, monitoring, reporting and processing of personal data.

Terrorist financing

Activities that constitute “terrorist financing” are described in the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (the Anti-Money Laundering Act).

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