Increased transparency on carbon pricing can strengthen the financial system

FI will explore the possibility of advocating both nationally and internationally increased disclosure of firms’ internal carbon pricing.

Mutual benefit societies

2020-01-03 | Insurance

A mutual benefit society is a society for mutual assistance which, without conducting commercial insurance operations, offers endowment, illness or pension insurance.

Pension foundations

2020-01-03 | Insurance

A pension foundation is a foundation founded by an employer with the exclusive purpose of safeguarding the payment of pension to employees or employees’ survivors. The foundation’s assets must therefore be invested prudently.

Insurance undertakings

2020-01-03 | Insurance

A firm that wants to conduct insurance business must first receive authorisation from FI in accordance with the Insurance Business Act (SFS 2010:2043). Authorisation can be granted to an insurance company, mutual insurance company or an insurance association.

Insurance distribution

2020-01-03 | Insurance

Insurance intermediaries are covered by the Insurance Distribution Act (2018:1219).


Planned service disruptions in FI’s reporting systems

2019-12-02 | News Reporting Markets

From Monday, 2 December, to Tuesday, 10 December, all of FI’s reporting systems will experience service disruptions or closures due to planned maintenance and updates. The extent to which individual systems will be affected will vary.

Stability in the Financial System (2019:2)

The low interest rates are expected to remain low for a longer period of time. It could lead to greater risk-taking among various actors, and increased challenges for insurance undertakings.

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