FI's comments regarding the supervision of money laundering

2019-02-20 | News Money laundering Bank

We consider the recent disclosures regarding money laundering and other regulatory infringements in Swedish banks to be very serious. It is extremely important for the banks' management teams and boards of directors to take these matters seriously and ensure that the banks are following the laws and regulations.

We cannot comment on our supervision of individual banks. FI monitors that the banks have control functions in place in order to be able to identify the risk that they are being used for money laundering and the financing of terrorism. If there are suspicions of a crime, the matter is investigated by criminal investigative authorities, and it is primarily the banks themselves that are responsible for reporting suspicious transactions to the financial police.

The responsibility for the supervision of compliance in the Baltic operations lies primarily with each Baltic authority. FI has been working closely with these authorities for some time.

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