How the Innovation Center works

We are an easy point of contact for companies. We offer a simple dialogue for questions related to financial innovation.


The Innovation Center functions as an accessible point of contact for companies and facilitates a dialogue with FI about innovative activities. Contact the Center via email (, and further dialogue will take place in a suitable form .

The Center provides information and guidance, for example for companies that have innovative ideas and would like to progress towards introducing their innovation on the market. However, the Center does not offer advisory services, and it will neither conduct investigations nor provide advance decisions regarding, for example, required authorisations for a company's specific innovation. These types of matters are handled via the regular authorisation assessment procedure at FI, see Apply for authorisation.


The Innovation Center adjusts information to the target group. This includes information on FI's website or information for seminars and lectures that the Center participates in or arranges.


The Innovation Center also functions as a catalyst in FI's internal discussion regarding innovation in the financial sector. It raises FI's knowledge about new innovative services, which improves FI's supervision activities and enhances consumer protection. The Center also arranges discussions between Swedish and foreign authorities regarding innovation.

Last reviewed: 2021-04-13