How can the financial sector contribute to sustainable development?

Finansinspektionen is publishing today two reports on sustainability. Together, they serve as the report to the Government that FI was tasked with earlier in the year on the continued work with sustainability issues, how these issues are linked to financial regulation and supervision and how supervision can contribute to sustainable development in a constructive manner.

A necessary step for a better savings market

2016-07-14 | Reports Consumer Markets

FI believes that independent financial advice would play an important role on the savings market, since consumers are at an information disadvantage in relation to producers of saving products while at the same time having to take more responsibility for their financial future.

Terrorism financing

The national risk assessment regarding the financing of terrorism that was published in June 2014 identified a need to increase knowledge and awareness about the financing of terrorism.

Climate changes and financial stability

Sweden and Swedish financial institutions have small exposures to climate risks. This means that the current risk that climate changes will cause problems for financial stability is low. However, there is a need for more information as well as improved transparency surrounding climate-related risks within the sector. Financial institutions also need to develop stress tests and analyses in order to identify what kind of consequences could arise from these risks and how such consequences could be prevented.


Environmental and sustainability perspectives in credit granting to companies

Finansinspektionen (FI) has been commissioned by the Government to report on the bank's internal rules regarding credit granting to companies from the perspective of the environment and sustainability. If necessary, FI shall present proposals for measures that can be included in the banks' credit granting process to promote such a perspective.

Crowdfunding in Sweden

2015-12-15 | Reports Consumer

Alternative forms of funding can have a positive effect on the competition in and efficiency of the financial market by enabling more projects to find funding even if, for example, banks are not willing to grant a loan. However, crowdfunding introduces certain risks for consumers.


Enforcement of financial information

2014-10-15 | Reports

Finansinspektionen (FI) is responsible for ensuring that enforcement of periodic financial information is of high, consistent quality.


Bank interest rates and lending, Q3 2013 (Summary)

2013-12-05 | Reports Bank

In this report, Finansinspektionen (FI) describes the banks' adaptations to higher capital requirements and the effects on households and non-financial firms.

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