Swedbank fined for serious deficiencies in its measures to combat money laundering

Swedbank AB has had serious deficiencies in its management of the risk of money laundering in its Baltic operations. This is the conclusion of parallel investigations into parent company Swedbank AB and its subsidiary bank Swedbank AS in Estonia that were conducted by Swedish Finansinspektionen (FI) and Estonian Finantsinspektsioon.

FI will hold a press conference related to Swedbank

Finansinspektionen (FI) will hold a press conference on Thursday, 19 March, following the decision by FI’s Board of Directors regarding the investigation into Swedbank’s measures to combat money laundering.


Handelsbanken receives a remark and is ordered to pay 35 million

Handelsbanken has not complied with the money laundering rules. The bank has not conducted risk assessments for all of its customers or obtained sufficient information about customers and their business relations. The bank's system for reviewing transactions has also been deficient. Handelsbanken thus receives a remark and is ordered to pay an administrative fine of SEK 35 million.

Nordea receives a warning and is ordered to pay 50 million

There have been major deficiencies in Nordea's work to prevent money laundering. This means there is a high probability that if people have tried to launder money or finance terrorism that they could have done so without Nordea having been able to detect this. Nordea is therefore receiving a warning and is ordered to pay the maximum administrative fine of SEK 50 million.

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