Reporting to FI

Firms must report information annually in FI's system for periodic reporting.

  • Reports refer to the balance sheet date of 31 December.
  • Reporting is possible to be filed at the earliest 1 January 2021.
  • The last day to file the first report is 31 March.
  • Reporting for money laundering thereafter must be reported once a year before the end of March. Reporting for money laundering is included in our reporting calendars for each firm category.

The questions undertakings must answer as part of the anti-money laundering reporting obligation are available in the form below. Please do not use this form to answer the questions. The questions are answered and submitted via FI's system for Periodic Reporting.

The form consists of the same questions as in previous years and contains questions that cover all firms under FI's supervision. This means that some questions can only be answered by certain firms, for example banks. These firm-specific questions should only be answered by the firms that are affected during the first actual reporting occasion. In the future, the intention is that firms that already answer certain question as part of other reporting to FI will not need to answer these questions in this report. The questions may change over time. Read more at About the Reporting Portal

For other questions about reporting, and in particular for any problems understanding the questions in the form, please contact Finansinspektionen at

Last reviewed: 2020-12-21
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