FI introduces new reporting system

FI has decided to replace several of our existing reporting systems with a new system with the aim of better meeting current and future legal requirements and enhancing user-friendliness for the companies that report via the systems. The new reporting system, FIDAC, will be used for both periodic and event-driven reporting.

Initially, EU-regulated reporting for credit institutions and securities companies and the national quarterly reports for occupational pension undertakings will be reported via FIDAC.

We describe below the rules that apply to the EU-regulated reporting for credit institutions and securities companies. Companies that must submit the national quarterly report for occupational pension undertakings will be emailed separately.

The migration to FIDAC from previous reporting systems for other types of reports will take place gradually and be communicated at well in advance of each migration.

Reporting according to the EBA framework

All reporting in accordance with the EBA framework will be submitted via FIDAC starting with data that has a reference date of 2021-06-30.

Links to the log-in and authorisation administration for FIDAC have their own heading on the page "About the Reporting Portal". Users who already have authorisation for periodic reporting in the Reporting Portal will have access to FIDAC.

Like in the previous reporting system, the EBA taxonomies will be reported in FIDAC by uploading an XBRL instance file. More information about the method and a FIDAC reporting manual will be published on in mid-May.

One exception with regard to reference dates is that the reporting of information on remuneration practices and high earners, the so-called Remuneration Reports, must have a reference date in FIDAC of 2020-12-31.

Test Reporting

It will be possible to test the new reporting system before the start of the official reporting period. Test reporting in FIDAC according to the EBA reporting framework will open on 14 June and be available for the entire reporting period. More information on test reporting will be published in mid-May.

Identification by institute number in the instance file

In the new system, the LEI code will no longer be accepted as an identifier in the instance file. This means that all companies must use FI's institute number as the identifier in the instance files that are reported via FIDAC.

The instance file must thereby specify the following: scheme=

E.g.: <xbrli:identifier scheme="">institute number

Please note that institute number must be replaced with the institute number for each institute.


Revisions of reported data for earlier reference dates (prior to 2021-06-30) will continue to be submitted in the online Period Reporting system.