Supervision Reports

An annual report from each of the three sections at FI: Banking, Insurance and Markets. The reports discuss both risk- and supervision-related issues within each section. Three reports a year.


Supervision of insurance firms 2017 (Summary)

2017-11-07 | Reports Insurance

In order for an insurance firm to be able to fulfil its obligations to its customers, the firm needs to have sufficient capital to manage its risk, good internal governance and good control of its risks. Ensuring that these requirements are met is the focus of FI’s supervision of insurance firms.

Supervision of the banks

This year’s supervision report describes, at an overarching level, the Swedish banking system, how FI works with supervision and a number of topical risk areas currently in focus.

Supervision of the Swedish Securities Market (2017)

2017-03-10 | Reports Markets

In 2016, FI's analysis of trends and risks on the securities market focused on the subareas fixed income market, derivatives market and equity market.


Supervision of insurance undertakings

FI has observed deficiencies in the insurance undertakings' practical management of surplus and in their internal guidelines for and information to their customers about their surplus management.

Supervision of the Swedish securities market

2016-03-10 | Reports Markets

FI is issuing its Securities Market Supervision Report for the second consecutive year. The report discusses the issues that FI currently considers to be most relevant. FI also describes in the report the developments on the Swedish securities market over the past year.


Supervision of insurance undertakings

2015-06-18 | Reports Insurance

The objective of Finansinspektionen's supervision of insurance undertakings is to monitor their ability to fulfil their commitments to customers, and to monitor that customers receive comprehensible and accurate information. This report focuses on the first of the above-mentioned primary objectives.

Supervision of the securities market

2015-03-26 | Reports Markets

Three key areas are the focus of FI's new report Supervision of the securities market; financial infrastructure, transparency on the securities market as well as new rules for market supervision and the enforcement of financial information.


Supervision Report 2013

2013-05-28 | Reports Consumer Markets

Many of the development trends in today’s financial markets raise important issues for FI. For consumers, greater mobility and increasingly complex financial products represent not only more opportunities but also higher risks. FI needs to bring attention to these risks and resolve them.


Supervision Report 2012

2012-05-24 | Reports Consumer Markets

The issues presented in this year’s Supervision Report stem from the work on financial consumer protection, financial stability and the requirements on company owners and management. In addition, the report discusses the increased international work, primarily within the EU.


Supervision Report 2011

2011-05-25 | Reports Consumer Markets

Finansinspektionen's annual Supervision Report discusses areas in which fundamental issues with regard to supervision and regulatory development have risen to the forefront and in turn have resulted in new lessons and conclusions.

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