Trig Social Media breached accounting rules

2016-01-19 | Sanctions Markets

Trig Social Media AB has, in an interim report, on a number of points neglected the provisions regarding periodic financial information. Finansinspektionen has therefore decided to issue the company with a caution for having breached the accounting rules.


Reinhold Europe shall pay penalty fee for the failure to publish financial information

2014-05-13 | Sanctions Markets

By a decision made on May 12th 2014, Finansinspektionen has decided that Reinhold Europe AB (formerly Reinhold Polska AB) shall pay a penalty fee of SEK 1 500 000 for the failure to publish periodic financial information.

FI withdraws the authorisation of Festival International

2014-01-14 | Sanctions Markets

Finansinspektionen withdraws the authorisation of Festival International to conduct investment services.


NGM's licence reinstated

2008-12-02 | Sanctions Markets

The Stockholm County Administrative Court has decided that NGM's licence to operate a regulated market and trading facility shall not be revoked. NGM shall instead be issued a warning and a financial penalty of SEK 4.5 million to the government in accordance with Finansinspektionen’s proposal.

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