Finansinspektionen is changing SFTP connection for TRS 2

2020-01-23 | News Reporting Markets

The IP addresses for the production and test environment will change for TRSII SFTP. This change will go into effect on 24 February.

Increased transparency on carbon pricing can strengthen the financial system

FI will explore the possibility of advocating both nationally and internationally increased disclosure of firms’ internal carbon pricing.

New log-in for reporting stock exchange information and major shareholding notifications

2020-01-10 | News Reporting Markets

On 17 February 2020, FI is introducing a new portal for reporting stock exchange information (previously called “financial reports”) and major shareholding notifications. The new log-in requires BankID and will completely replace the old method of logging in. However, the reporting procedure itself has not been altered and reports are submitted exactly the same way as before.


2020-01-03 | Markets

Operating a securities business in Sweden requires authorisation in accordance with the Securities Market Act (2007:528).

Stock exchanges

2020-01-03 | Markets

Rules regarding authorisation for stock exchanges are set out in the Securities Market Act (2007:528). The Act specifies the fundamental requirements that are placed on the business. There are also a number of EU regulations that contain additional requirements.

Data reporting services

2020-01-02 | Markets

Providing data reporting services as APA providers, ARM providers or CTP providers requires authorisation in accordance with the Securities Market Act (2007:528). The Act specifies the fundamental rules that apply to the operations.

Swedish UCITS

2020-01-02 | Markets

Fund operations are regulated by the Swedish UCITS Act (2004:46).

Clearing and settlement

2020-01-02 | Markets

Conducting clearing and settlement business on the financial markets requires authorisation from Finansinspektionen.

Administrator (BMR Benchmarks)

2020-01-02 | Markets

Finansinspektionen (FI) is the competent authority under the BMR. This means that FI assesses the applications, registrations and notifications that can or must be submitted according to the regulation. As the competent authority, FI shall also conduct supervision of administrators, contributors and users.


Planned service disruptions in FI’s reporting systems

2019-12-02 | News Reporting Markets

From Monday, 2 December, to Tuesday, 10 December, all of FI’s reporting systems will experience service disruptions or closures due to planned maintenance and updates. The extent to which individual systems will be affected will vary.

Stability in the Financial System (2019:2)

The low interest rates are expected to remain low for a longer period of time. It could lead to greater risk-taking among various actors, and increased challenges for insurance undertakings.

FI’s work to combat money laundering and terrorist financing

Finansinspektionen (FI) strengthened its anti-money laundering supervision in 2019, in part by dedicating considerable resources to reviewing major Swedish banks’ governance and control of anti-money laundering measures in Baltic subsidiaries.

Euroclear Sweden AB receives authorisation to be central securities depository under CSDR

Finansinspektionen is granting Euroclear Sweden AB authorisation to act as a central securities depository under Regulation (EU) No 909/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014 on improving securities settlement in the European Union and on central securities depositories (CSDR).

FI Supervision 15: decreased transparency in bond trading

2019-10-17 | Reports MiFID Markets

Transparency on the Swedish bond markets has decreased. This is the conclusion of Finansinspektionen’s (FI) analysis of the impact of the transparency rules that were introduced when the Directive and the Regulation for the securities market entered into force in 2018.

FI Analysis 18: Swedish risk premia and monetary policy

A disorderly and abrupt increase in international market rates could lead to significantly higher term and equity risk premia. This is the conclusion of an analysis conducted by FI.

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