Martin Noréus resigns from FI

2019-09-18 | News About FI Bank

FI’s Deputy Director General and Executive Director of Banking, Martin Noréus, has resigned from his position at FI to become Chief Compliance Officer at Handelsbanken.

Erik Thedéen: Climate and sustainability in focus at FI

FI’s Director General spoke today at the Finansdagen conference in Stockholm.

Comments to questions about conflict of interest in the supervision of Swedbank

2019-08-29 | News About FI Bank

Due to the announcement that Folksam’s CEO Jens Henriksson has been named President and CEO of Swedbank, FI has received questions about whether this gives rise to a conflict of interest since FI’s Director General Erik Thedéen was previously Managing Director of KPA, which Folksam owns together with SKL.

New Chief Legal Counsel

2019-08-19 | News About FI

Eric Leijonram named Chief Legal Counsel at Finansinspektionen.

FI’s Director General Erik Thedéen reappointed to ESMA’s Management Board

2019-07-11 | ESMA News About FI

FI’s Director General Erik Thedéen was reappointed to the Management Board of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) for a further 2½ year term.


2019-04-11 | About FI

Notification about suspected breaches to the rules on the financial markets.

Public documents

2019-04-11 | About FI

Through the Swedish principle of public access, the public and the media are entitled to insight into public activities, i.e. government authorities, municipalities and county councils. As a government authority, Finansinspektionen is subject to the principle of public access.


2019-01-23 | About FI

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The Administrative Court of Appeal rejects Svenska Dagbladet’s appeal

The newspaper Svenska Dagbladet previously appealed FI’s decisions regarding drafts of assessments in investigation matters. The Administrative Court of Appeal of Stockholm announced its ruling in the case today. The Administrative Court of Appeal upholds FI’s decision and thus rejects Svenska Dagbladet’s appeal.


2019-01-04 | About FI

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2018-11-16 | About FI

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Erik Thedéen re-elected Vice-Chair of IOSCO's European Regional Committee

2018-04-03 | IOSCO News About FI

Finansinspektionen's Director General Erik Thedéen has been re-elected as Vice-Chairman of the International Organization of Securities Commissions' (IOSCO) European Regional Committee (ERC) for the period 2018-2020.

FI’s 2017 Annual report: A word from the Director General

2018-03-07 | News About FI

The following is a summary of the year by Director General Erik Thedéen that is included as the introduction to the annual report.

New Senior Advisor at FI

2018-02-22 | About FI

Anders Kvist has been named a Senior Advisor to FI’s Director General.

Archive calendar

2018-01-29 | About FI

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Macroprudential Roundtable

2018-01-10 | About FI

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Submitting invoices to Finansinspektionen

2017-11-27 | About FI

Suppliers can send e-invoices to Finansinspektionen. We prefer invoices in the format PEPPOL BIS Billing 3 sent via the PEPPOL network. Finansinspektionen does not accept invoices in PDF format that are sent by email.

The financial sector's role for sustainabilty

Erik Thedéen, FI's Director General, took part in a panel discussion arranged by Alecta today entitled Incentives for significant allocation of long term capital towards investments for a resilient and sustainable society. Erik Thedéen talked about sustainability work within the financial sector.

Companies attitudes toward FI

2017-03-30 | About FI

As part of the follow up of its own activities, FI has investigated how firms that are subject to supervision perceive FI’s activities. The survey was sent to approximately 400 financial firms. The survey from 2011 has been translated.

FI’s 2016 Annual report

2017-02-27 | News About FI

FI hereby presents the most recent operational year in its annual report for 2016. The following is a summary of the year by Director General Erik Thedéen that is included as the introduction to the annual report.

Open data

2017-01-26 | About FI

Under the PSI Directive, public authorities should make their public data accessible for re-use, free of charge or on standardised and generous terms with the aim of greater openness and better service in the public sector.

Welcome to the new

2017-01-24 | News About FI

The new has arrived - with new design, new structure and partially new content.

Photo archive

2017-01-24 | About FI

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2017-01-24 | About FI

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2017-01-24 | About FI

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2017-01-24 | About FI

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